Compact, fast, trouble free …

Haecksler supplies the best in compact, professional wood chippers. The fastest professional compact chipper on the market. Direct delivery for professionals. You can always have your Haecksler with you in a van; it is therefore ready for immediate use.
Take your Haecksler chipper over the garden path or through the door up to the tree or hedgerow and save time and energy: even more than you think …


Haecksler has years of experience with selling machinery for landscape maintenance, but also has a lot of practical experience in tree care. Down-time due to faults with our chipper has been a rare occurrence in recent years. From the start, we noticed time savings of several hours per day. Dragging and stacking branches has always been heavy physical work, which is bad for the body. That changed immediately, saving lots of energy. Piling branches on the trailer meant going to the landfill site almost every day. With a Haecksler chipper in the company, this was reduced to less than once a week.

Haecksler’s vision is simple

As an entrepreneur, you are paramount and remain independent: Carry out your own maintenance easily. Fast service if necessary. Built only with high quality parts from the best manufacturers in the market. Such as:

    • Honda engines
    • SKF bearings
    • Optibelt V-belts
    • Schneider Electric, etc.

Almost all parts are available for you globally and also locally. Of course, you can always contact us to reorder all the parts for your Haecksler chipper. Direct sales to entrepreneurs > saves approximately 40%. You reap the benefits. Start working in an even better way.


The woodchippers

The Haecksler 4 model with rotating discharge chute can take care of everything necessary for the landscaper, arborist, and gardener and for park maintenance. The Haecksler 4 Silent is ideal for working in densely populated areas.

Accessories and extras

Parts and accessories for your chipper.


Due to the close cooperation between us, the designer and the manufacturer, we have continuously improved in recent years. This has resulted in a stronger construction, retractable handlebar, reliable Honda engine, sound insulation and rotating discharge chute for the chippings. We have recently also introduced a feed hopper with a 45% wider opening and an improved system for replacing/turning the blades.

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Haecksler woodchippers Compact, fast, hassle-free …