The video demonstrations allow you to see with your own eyes what Haecksler can do. Guaranteed: you will not be disappointed …
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A Haecksler can work as the main chipper in a small to medium sized company. The purchasing price is quite modest and besides the comfort of working ergonomically, this approach saves lots of time.

Imagine this:
• Less logistical organization. A Haecksler can stay inside your van at all times. Not needed to have one driver for towing the trailered wood chipper and one driver for towing the trailer.
• The branches are being chipped in to a wheel barrow or waist bin at the spot.
• Less downtime and maintenance. Genius in its simplicity.
• Lower purchase and maintenance costs.
• Less rides to the recycling station; the materials volume is at least five times reduced.

Haecksler wood chippers. Compact, fast, trouble-free..!