Which Haecksler model suits me best?

The Haecksler with 13 hp really does everything that is needed for a ttree worker and landscaping company.
Example 1: Felling of a tree with a 50 cm stem diameter (circumference 157 cm). All the branches put together and the chipper fed in quick succession by two workers: Haecksler with 13 hp – 25 minutes. Haecksler with 18 hp – 20 minutes.
Example 2: Felling of more than one tree per day or at tree care whilst removing large quantities of heavy wood from large trees: Haeckser with 18 hp
Example 3: Shredding of hedge, conifer and similar for several hours per day: Haecksler with 13 hp

What is the price of the machines?

Please visit the contact page during your visit to the site and leave your email address there. You will receive all price information, technical data and video links for demonstrations within short notice.
Make sure that your e-mail address is spelled correctly!

How to order?

Did you already receive our standard mail with price information, link to videos and technical specifications?
Than send us a reply on that e-mail and ask for an official quotation, we do our best to make you an interesting offer.
Please mention:
The model of your preference
Name and address
Your UK VAT number if you have one (VAT-exempt entrepreneurs outside the Netherlands but within the EU can make their purchase without VAT)

What is covered by the warranty?

The standard warranty is one year. Everything except the tires, v-belts and knives.
The engine has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

What about Haecksler's after sales service?

In case of doubt or problems, please contact your sales representative immediately. A chipper has to deal with various forces that can all have an effect on the life span of the machine. Wear and tear due to vibrations and unnecessary stress on parts must be prevented. Haecksler builds his machines on quality. The percentage of machines that experience technical malfunctions is very low. This gives us the opportunity to adequately help the customers who encounter a problem and get the machine back in perfect condition as soon as possible. Usually it is sufficient to give some tips or instructions, sometimes in combination with sending a part. For the small number of complaints that can not be resolved by the customer, we find the most practical solution: a specialist in the region or we have the machine picked up by our carrier to check it with us in Amsterdam.

I see a machine similar to a Haecksler chipper from other suppliers, but it is cheaper.

Haecksler is being built in Europe, with the engineer who developed the machine at the head of production.
There is a Chinese machine on the market that is a rebuilding of one of the earlier models. You will often see it marketed in the colors yellow, red and gray metallic.
This machine is not comparable to a Haecksler in terms of quality.

What is the difference between the old model 3 and Haecksler 4?

With the introduction of the Haecksler 4 we realised our dream to build a better and more efficient wood chipper than all machines before. This model 4 also had to have a longer life span than model 3. Initially we approached our manufacturer who produced model 3 for this ….
The new design model 4 had to meet the following requirements:

  •     Improved longevity compared to Haecksler 3
  •     Easier feeding of branches without jamming; Thanks to a wider feeding hopper
  •     The height for feeding the branches on the Haecksler 4 is only 80 cm. This is of great importance to achieve better ergonomics.
  •     Wider rotor and cutting blades for better processing of bundles of branches
  •     Heavier rotor for more momentum and thus a higher efficiency and easier shredding
  •     A stiffer frame to absorb the strong centrifugal forces combined with vibrations during chipping
  •     Heavier welding of materials avoid premature cracks
  •     Machines fully comply with the most recent EN and CE standards that have been made mandatory by labor legislation.
  •     More ground clearance. Maneuvering with the old model 3 often caused the frame to hit the ground or to be dragged through the grass. The Haecksler 4 no longer has this problem.
  •     And yet: the input height for the branches is lower on model 4!

…. Unfortunately, our former manufacturer was not willing to follow us in the search for innovation and perfection of our machines, and for that reason we had to end the cooperation with him. The old model 3 is sold by this manufacturer under a different name now and no longer falls under our responsibilities (We have not forgotten our old customers with a Haecksler 3, on the contrary! When buying a new Haecksler 4 chipper this year (’18) we offer loyal customers something very interesting). In the meantime, we have added other innovations, as we will continue to do. At Haecksler we think as follows: “ If building wood chippers is our thing, why not produce the best possible?”

A few examples of our other improvements:

  •          Better 6-ply tires instead of 2-ply
  •          Quick-connector for towbar (3 seconds)
  •          Improved V-belt tensioning system, with pendulum system – tightening with two nuts only
  •          Quick and easy blade change, the Allen 7-screw can take much more power without damaging it
  •          Optional stronger 18 hp engine
  •          Optional Easy Rider system
  •          Stiffer outlet tube, turns much easier and does not damage quickly
Shipment of the machine / packaged?

We almost always have ample stock. Your machine is shipped with our regular transporter. In Benelux countries it is usually delivered within 2 working days after shipping, for Germany and France a transport of 3 to 4 working days applies. Austria, the United Kingdom and Switzerland a little longer.
The machine will be well packaged on a pallet. The truck for delivery of your machine has a tail lift.
The driver will receive your telephone number on the packing slip with the request to contact you one hour before delivery.

Does the machine have to be assembled after reception?

The machine is ready for immediate use.
Unpacking and adding fuel is all that’s needed. Use EURO95 or 98 (not 95/10 bio ethanol)

Is the machine ready for use?

All our machines are tested twice after manufacturing. First to let the engine run and after this on full RPM’s. You will have to refuel Euro 95 (or Euro 98 or Aspen 4 stroke) and work can start directly.

Is oil in the engine at delivery of a new machine?

The engine is completely ready for use.
Only add the fuel: Euro 95 (or Euro 98 or Aspen 4 stroke)
Transporting restrictions do not allow to leave the fuel in machines after testing.

Blockages? A common problem with compact wood chippers.

But a Haecksler will not block and can handle all types of material.
Even during rain when the branches are wet.

Can I shred everything with the Haecksler?

Almost everything. And without clogging. Hardwood, softwood or branches without leaves: No problem. Not even when the weather is wet. Shortly pruned material of the hedge and other types can also be easily processed.
What a Haecksler does not like: Dead wood or dirty wood quickly wears the knives and is generally not good for the machine. Do not chip this kind of material. Short, thick pieces of wood start to jump up and down during shredding, causing excessive load on the entire system. Avoid chipping this type of wood as well.

How long will the knives stay sharp?

The key word is “clean work”. If you do not allow sand, soil or pebbles to enter the system, you can do up to 40 working hours with one blade side. The material that you rake together at the end of the job can also be deposited directly on the trailer because it often contains pebbles and the like. If you notice that the machine retracts branches less easily, it is time to turn the blades (there are 2 sides on each knife). Then the knives can also be sharpened 5 to 6 times. A new knife set costs 225.00 euros. One set is enough for 2 to 4 seasons without any problems.

Can I easily load/unload the machine myself to my van?

Entering the van with the aid of long ramps is easy to do by one man. A trailer is usually higher and you need help from a second man.
We regularly hear solutions from our customers with a pulley line to support the load while hoisting it up on the ramp.
The Haecksler Easy Rider with auxiliary drive takes over 50% of the thrust. For this you need a wide driving plate or a third ramp since the supporting wheel is in the middle.

Some models are hand-started. Can I do this myself?

The Haecksler with 13 hp can be pulled to start with one hand. Especially once the system has been run-in. The 18 hp versions have an electric starter motor.

Do Haecksler machines comply with CE and EN standards?

After several accidents with large shredders, there has been a lot to do about the EN safety norms. As a result, the rules are applied more strictly (they have existed since 2014) and these must also apply to our already safe machines. The requirements state that a person can not reach the blades with his hands. And that the hopper and outlet tube can not be removed without tools. The distance to the blades had to be increased to 125 cm. Your Haecksler shredder meets all these and a few other requirements.
In short: Yes, Haecklser wood chippers comply with the current and latest standards in the field of safety.