Haecksler: the BIG compact chipper

Haecksler supplies the best in compact, professional wood chippers. Our latest series, model 4, is the fastest professional compact chipper on the market. Direct sales to professional tree workers and landscaping companies. Always have your Haecksler with you in a van or on the trailer, ready for immediate use.
Take your Haecksler chipper over the garden path or through the door up to the tree or hedgerow and save more time and energy than you can imagine …


Haecksler has many years of experience in machines for garden, tree care and landscape maintenance, but also has a lot of practical experience as an arborist in Amsterdam. We used this machine in our tree care company for years and from the start, we noted time savings of several hours per day. Dragging and stacking branches was always heavy physical work. This changed immediately by using this small chipper, it also saved lots of time and energy. Piling branches on the trailer meant going to the landfill site almost every day. With a Haecksler chipper in the company, this was reduced to less than once a week.

Haecksler’s vision is simple

We try to make the best small wood chipper possible. Being an entrepreneur and our customer, you are paramount and having a Haecksler in your company will keep you independent because of its simplicity. You will not need us or a local workshop for maintenance. It’s real easy and we supply fast support when necessary. Haecksler builds only with the highest quality parts from the best manufacturers on the market.
These possible future replacement parts are available for purchase worldwide. But of course we stock all parts as well to supply you for your Haecksler chipper. We do direct sales to entrepreneurs > This saves a lot of money. The benefits are for you, the professional end user.

At Haecksler we believe that since building wood chippers is our thing, we must aim to produce the best possible!


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The Haecksler 4 with Honda 13 HP is our most frequently sold model and very suitable for landscaper, arborist, and gardener. It shreds extremely fast any type of branches. We also build and supply the versions 4Silent, 4Easy Rider as well as the 4Extra Power, which has an 18HP engine.

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Our sales- , design- and production teams work in close cooperation. This way we have been able to continuously improve our machines by anticipating to information coming from our customers. This has resulted in a stronger construction, an improved system for replacing the chipper knives and ….

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Haecksler wood chippers: Compact, fast, trouble-free …