All of these reviews come from real users from all over Europe.

Haecksler woodchippers

I bought my Haecksler in 2018, after seeing it at the Augsburg show, and meeting Joost in person. Three years later, people are still surprised to see the effectiveness of such a compact and simple machine. I use the chipper for maintenance and felling of trees in gardens and green areas. The diameter it admits is more than enough if we separate the larger diameters to use as firewood. Of course its not a large shredder, but so far, I have not needed anything else. The machine is very well designed and built with quality materials, and it shows. The Honda engine starts easily, and has an oil level sensor, 13 HP is enough, although I will love to try the 18 HP. The hopper is quite large, which makes it easy to get in the most tangled branches. With young and straight branches, the Haecksler can be faster than other larger hydraulically fed shredders. It has hardly ever gotten stuck with wet leaves, and if it does, this is easily solved with a tool that is attached to the machine itself.

This is the first time that I have used a machine of this type, with a crushing drum, and although it is somewhat noisy, and seeing the blades can be intimidating, it works really well. Simple branches enter the bass drum by themselves, swallowed by the blades, it is only necessary to push sometimes. Of course, the better you prepare the branches, the easier it will be to shred them. It feels very safe to think that a branch will never be able to catch on my clothes and drag my arms inside. This is impossible since if we pull the branch back, we interrupt the crushing. In this way we can also perform the “anti-stress” function, preventing the engine from revving with some branches. You must always use security glasses and / or screen. Even though the double curtains work, you have to protect your eyes from small flying chips. An interesting detail is that if you mistakenly introduce a branch with a larger diameter than the recommended one, it simply does not go in, since the radius of the circumference of the drum prevents it from reaching the blades.

The Easy rider system allows me to move the machine myself through gardens and also upload it to the van or trailer with the help of an extra bridge ramp for the driving wheel. This is one of the great advantages of this machine, you can take it to many places where other larger machines do not reach. Given the simplicity of the system and the quality of the components, it is difficult to have problems with it if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Daniel Rosselló Boullosa – Galicia, Spain

Compré mi Haecksler en el año 2018, despues de verla en la feria de Augsburg, y conocer en persona a Joost. Tres años despues, la gente aún se sorprende al comprobar la efectividad de una máquina tan compacta y sencilla. Utilizo la trituradora para el mantenimiento y tala de árboles en jardines y espacios verdes. El diámetro que admite es más que suficiente si separamos los diámetros mayores para utilizarlos como leña. Por supuesto no estamos delante de una trituradora grande, pero hasta ahora, no he necesitado nada más. La máquina esta muy bien diseñada y esta construída con materiales de calidad, y eso se nota. El motor Honda arranca con facilidad, y tiene un sensor de nivel de aceite, los 13 HP son suficientes, aunque me encantará probar la de 18. La tolva es bastante grande, lo que facilita el introducir las ramas más enredadas. Con ramas jovenes y rectas, la Haecksler puede ser más rápida que otras trituradoras más grandes de alimentación hidraulica. Apenas se ha atascado algunas veces con hojas mojadas, esto se soluciona facilmente y solo con una herramienta que tiene la propia máquina acoplada en el chasis.

Es la primera vez que utilizo una máquina de este tipo, con bombo de triturado, y aunque es algo ruidoso, y el ver las cuchillas puede resultar intimidante, funciona realmente bien. Las ramas simples entran solas en el bombo, tragadas por las cuchillas, solo es necesario empujar a veces. Por supuesto, cuanto mejor prepares las ramas, más facil será triturarlas. Resulta muy seguro pensar que nunca una rama podrá engancharse en mi ropa y arrastrar mis brazos hacia dentro. Esto es imposible ya que si tiramos de la rama hacia atrás, interrumpimos el triturado. De esta forma tambien podemos hacer la funcion “anti-stress” impidiendo que el motor baje de revoluciones con algunas ramas. Debes utilizar siempre gafas y/o pantalla. Aúnque las dobles cortinas funcionan, hay que proteger los ojos de pequeñas virutas voladoras. Un detalle interesante es que si por error introduces una rama de mayor diámetro que el recomendado, simplemente no entra, ya que el radio de la circunferencia del bombo le impide llegar a las cuchillas.

El sistema Easy rider me permite mover solo la maquina por jardines y tambien subirla a la furgoneta o remolque con la ayuda de una rampa puente extra para la rueda motriz. Esta es una de las grandes ventajas de esta máquina, puedes llevarla a muchisimos lugares donde otras máquinas más grandes no llegan. Dada la simpleza del sistema y la calidad de los componentes, resulta dificil tener problemas si respetas las instrucciones del fabricante.

Daniel Rosselló Boullosa – Galicia, Spain

After a lot of doubting between different brands, I decided to go for the Haecksler. I have not regretted this decision so far. My main thing is felling trees and not pruning like many of us, and therefore I doubted whether the Haecksler was sufficiently powerful for me, and yes it is, more than enough. The wood that does not go through the Haecksler is used as firewood.

As far as Haecksler’s service is concerned, I can only say that it is very good. After a few months I got an email asking if I wanted extra bolts because there was sometimes a problem with the bolts to get them loose, a week later they were already supplied. Order extra set of knives and 2 days later this order arrived as well, so super service as I have not gotten anywhere else.

Regarding maintenance, very easy machine to work on and everything is pretty well thought-out. So for the doubters certainly do not doubt and go for it.

F. Deroovere – Belgium

This Haecksler 4 fully meets expectations.
Very precise and impeccable processing of the machine.
I can only recommended it for every professionnal.

M. Huber – Canton Aargau . – Switzerland

Last year I purchased my Haecksler. Very friendly and professional service. I am very satisfied with the use of this machine. Does exactly what I bought it fopr: through houses, into small backyards and easy to put in the back of the bus. Shreds all kinds of branches very easily and is friendly to use.


Leon van Hevelingen – Landscaping company Leon
The Netherlands

The Haecksler woodchipper is excellent. It is certainly the best in its category. It is compact and takes up little space. It fits in my Citroen Jumpy very easily. I can also load it on my motorised wheelbarrow and bring it into the woods by small roads (you have to remove the wheels and this is very easy). It grinds both large branches and short cut material from the garden. Its construction is very robust and the Honda engine starts easily. Regarding the delivery there was no problem. And Mr van der Werff is always attentive to the emails of his customers.


Yves Guérit –
Dep. Aveyron – France

So I am using my Haecksler shredder already for the third year and I would buy it again! On the job it really gets fed everything (except earthy and stony material, because it does not like it). From Thuja hedge to bushes, or branches of complete trees from maintenance and care. Of course, it’s not a big hydraulic one, but I can go anywhere with it, where a big machine can not. As long as the knives are sharp, working with this machine is really fun and besides, I get a lot more jobs on top of my trailer than when I cut it with the chainsaw (glad I do not need to do that anymore)

Greetings from Bavaria by Rudi.

Sappl Rudi, 82515 – Wolfratshausen – Germany

After a year of use of the shreddder I am fully delighted. It is efficient and the pruning site is cleared fast and more comfortable.

Ariac – The Echo of Trees – B. Berty
Dep. Lozère – France

Have used the chipper real often! It’s really great what achieves a small device like the Haecksler.
Am very pleased and will therefore recommend the chipper to my German colleagues !
Have a nice week. Greetings from Dortmund.

Tree care Schmaling – Nordrhein Westfalen

I own my Haecksler woodchipper for a year now and it answers perfectly to our wishes. It now has more than 80 hours on the counter and it’s always a pleasure to use. Thanks to its small size we can operate on any terrain or in very narrow places, I can load it easily into my van or on my trailer, it fits easily into the garage; superb. Beware of knives can be a bit fragile. In any case I very strongly recommend this machine and even regret not having bought it much earlier,

Bruno Bosq-Bousquet,
Gironde / France

Our Haecksler chipper was used on three sites sofar and it it superseded my expectations with its performance and efficiency, and even better quality materials and finish.


Johannes Yannick, Treeworker
Moselle / France

Hello, thank you very much for the excellent advice and information.
I already used the equipment and I am completely impressed!
With kind regards,
Hubert Hölzl – Austria

I am finally also going to write a review, after working with it for a little under a year. The chipper is just great. I have no other words for it.
The working convenience, the compactness, nothing but praise from me.
The moment you arrive at a job, people often look at you thinking what is he going the chop branches with (read: what kind of small equipment). That is, until you get started and the interest shifts to the fact that this is a really good machine. Colleagues sometimes look a little sceptically at you when you are dragging the branches through the gates. They have to position their big chipper on the road and then I come along and go through the door, the gate or the narrow garden path to the branches!!

One minus is the accessibility of the tank, but that too can be solved with some ingenuity. Anyway, here is a very satisfied customer!
Koen Daenen – Spalbeek – Belgium

Happy owner of a Haecksler, I must say that I am very happy with it. It is one of my best investments. Practical in size, handy by its weight, it makes my job easier. I am an arborist climber and values-up wood resulting from pruning. Above 6 cm in diameter (the mill grinds larger sizes) I use it for firewood, below this diameter for RCW. It has no worries to swallow piles of branches, hardwood and softwood. It is a good design tool that I recommend to whoever does not wish any longer to pull off the branches.
Delivery was fast and very neat, Mr. Joost van der Werff easily reachable.
Julien, Des Cordes at Mon Arbre,
Bourg St Maurice

I bought the Haecksler Silent some time ago. The branches are easily fed into the large hopper after which they are easily cut into fine chips. It is an ideal working method. After pruning, there is no more lugging the tree branches and transporting them back to green recycling. It is a conveniently sized machine, which is easy to carry in the van or on a trailer. You also come across as very professional to the customer. I have compared many chippers on the price/quality ratio and the Haecksler is particularly good. So, highly recommendable.
The Haecksler company is easily accessible and has good people with whom it’s easy to communicate.
Ed Bol – the Netherlands.

We are arborist climbers and happy users of the Haecksler mill since last March. For all our “small” sites it is a great tool with an out of the ordinary value for money ratio!
I am in the habit of using larger mills (Bugnot, Saelen, etc.) and frankly the small Haesckler does not fear anything: it “swallows” smoothly from 10 cm diameter, it moves almost everywhere (0.80 m wide), and under the trees in small gardens. As far as delivery and after sales service, no worries: it is a pleasure to work with Mr. J. Van der Werff.
I sincerely recommend this very effective, simple, compact and solid little mill. Briefly, how fortunate we are! Its only fault that we found is the emergency stop button misplaced on the side rail. We moved it further down the machine.

Duo des
Gard Department – France

I always used my Vandaele TV150 for chipping in my small tree care company. This machine is ideal for use and it processes the wood well through the machine into my six cubic metre trailer. For the trees that are hard to reach, I regularly hired a chipper that is reasonably similar in design to the Haecksler. Renting is fine, but all the fetching and carrying work, before and after, is heavy work that is ultimately tiring. The machine worked well, but due to the design, you regularly stood over the engine to chip, which meant you were blocking the cooling. The wet leaves in the branches regularly hopelessly blocked the output pipe and the ejection distance was too short to effectively fill the trailer.

A year ago, I first saw the Haecksler in which the engine is located under the feed hopper. At first I had mixed feelings about it. How would it work? Would the engine be in the way? When I asked some users, they quickly dispelled those doubts. The engine is far enough below the feed hopper and the handlebar, with which you move the machine, can be completely folded away.

One of the great advantages of short construction of the Haecksler is that it fits into my van. It has had a fixed place there since day 1. That VanDaele? I have not touched it since purchasing the Haecksler.
Due to the extremely good air movement, the Haecksler fills my trailer from front to back with chips in no time. It blasts the branches with wet leaves or conifers without any problem and without any mess in the container.
It’s a fine knife drum machine that in terms of construction is more convenient than its closest competitors. In terms of capacity and throughput, this machine even compares well with the small traditional knife-disc chippers.
In short, the Haecksler has been worth every penny!
Wolter Kok, arborist.
The Netherlands

WE ARE VERY HAPPY about the Haecksler. It works as we expected and hoped it would work. We appreciate the wide loading space because our olive branches have a big volume sometimes, so we don’t have to cut too much before. It is also quite easy to move as long it is quite flat.

It’s a real hand-crafted machine since any screw is user-friendly and manageable.
Thank you very much and compliments for your good job.

Natalie and Carlotta – Tuscany, Italy

The Haecksler 4 shredder performs very well considering its size. It is easy to maneuver, easy to start (always the first time!), Easy to use. I recommend it for a professional who wants to make the best compromise between yield and compact wood chipper! The hopper is wider than most chippers in its category which makes it more efficient when it comes to shredding wood species such as fruit trees or mimosa for example. The finish is of good quality. I transport it in my trailer to which I have attached a hauling system to make it climb in and secure the descent …
I recommend this shredder and thank the Haecksler team for designing such a quality machine that saves me a lot of time.


Respect-Arbres (arborist, treecare)
Vendee 85

I actually wanted to give you a little feedback for a long time … (you can also post it on your site if you wish)

The delivery, including coordination with the supplier, went smoothly. I must say that we were immediately very enthusiastic about the Haecksler! The performance exceeded my expectations! What my colleagues and I particularly like is the size, weight and performance ratio.
Everything is very well coordinated. The hopper is big enough and there is no blockage in the chute, as I have heard from other (similar) chippers. You really have to feed the branches with two people to be able to follow its speed. What the wood chipper cannot do is firewood anyway.
You can even load it on a trailer or on a bus with the help of a pulley. The discharge chute can be removed quickly and therefore it also fits my Vito …
For me as a small tree worker company this is the perfect device as we often have to move to smaller plots where a large chipper would be rather inconvenient. It’s really worth it!

Florian Kern – Leipzig

I would like to thank you for the woodchipper . It arrived punctually, well packed and in good condition without any damage. We are using it since 2 months and what can I say is that we are very satisfied of it. Using the woodchipper we save time, energy and also we do not have to go to dump so often. Until now we chipped more then 60mc of wood of several kind: oak, acacia, poles, fir, pine and cedar. Every time it works hard and perfectly, impressing our costumers too. If it were possible I would like to suggest you 3 small changes: a bigger stack (like 20cm longer), a more powerful engine and few lifting hitches.

I wish I could send a Video soon so I can show to you how this small woodchipper is for me a big deal.

Best regards,

Mauro Toffolutti –
Udine – Italy

I wanted to buy a shredder at low budget because I’m a landscaper and treework is not my main activity. I had a big pruning site (50 trees to prune) so I went for it.
On D-day when I arrived on the site my colleague who has a real trailer wood chipper started to laugh. “For chipping thin sized branches it might be helping out”. After 8 days of chipping non stop he ceased laughing about this small machine. This wood chipper is simply amazing. It is small, goes everywhere and it chips everything (3″ in diameter). My regrets are not to have bought it earlier. And that my workers can not keep up with the pace of the chipper. lol. Seriously, nothing bad to say, fast delivery 6 days.

Garden company Manuel Peixoto
Department of Yveline – France

Absolutely worthwhile investment. You can go to any place
Very economical engine. Knife assembly easy, goes fast.
>From the ground clearance you have to rank it.
No winding of soft wood wass normally happens at Hacklser of feed rollers
Top price performance ratio!

W. Wuttke DRW – North Rhine Westphalia

After a few months of putting it to the test I can tell you that it works great for a compact shredder although it does not like dead wood very much.
Other than that, it is easy to bring almost anywhere and it goes in my van (Vito h1) by removing the outlet tube (2 minutes). I am very happy and I recommend it.
Two small flaws: a bit of a hassle to refuel with your canister and the rotor key (tool) provided is a bit fragile (I may be a bit nagging).

Sim Elagage / Simon Declercq
Dep. Ille-et-Vilaine – France

How long has it been? I believe already for the third year, and such a wood chipper we have never experienced, very robust, finally a system that allows auto-feeding and no blockage, never had to repair it, runs efficiently and has a very nice user-friendly design with robust components ! Can only recommend him!

Best regards,

Weber – Zurich – Switzerland

My name is Mark Oostveen and owner of Amberboom Gardens and Tree2Care tree care based in the middle of the country. For my two companies I was looking for a compact shredder, and after having seen many brands I came to Haecksler. We did not request a demo, but simply ordered it since the reviews and demo film material was already decisive enough for me.

I can not say anything other than that it is an outstanding machine! Well built and the delivery was fast. It’s chipping mountains of pruned branches in no time in to the trailer, so now we can work a lot more efficiently. The 9 cm branch diameter is more than sufficient and what many already said, thicker than 3,5″ serves as firewood. I save at least 30% on fuel costs, resulting in profit. This is because we do not have to drive back and forth to the unloading area so often. Also the maintenance is very pleasant, knives change easily, and the Honda engin needs little maintenance. You do not have to be a trained technician for this. Our machine we have put into use in November 2017 and already is indispensable, it makes overtime! I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend the company Haecksler from Joost van der Werff, do not hesitate about this product.

Haecksler does what it promises !! Thanks again.

Mark Oostveen
Amber tree Gardens – Tree2Care tree care – The Netherlands

Finally I am taking the time to send a review as well, after almost a year of working with the Haecksler wood chipper. This chipper is just great. I have no other words for it.
The ease of work, the compactness, of me nothing but praise.

Arriving at the work site, people watch in suspicion “is this machine going to do the work?” As soon as the chipping work starts the attitude changes a 180 degrees. People are surprised and amazed. Colleagues, cynical at first, start dragging branches towards the machine to give it a try themselves. They realise that they always leave their big wood chipper on the street and then I come and go through the door, the gate, over the narrow garden path up to the pile of branches !!

One minus, the accessibility of the tank, but that can be solved with some ingenuity. Anyway, there is a very satisfied customer!

Koen Daenen – Spalbeek / Belgium

I almost worked for two years with it now and thoroughly test the Haecksler wood chipper…… I must say it convinced me from the start and would not want to miss it one day ……Working with the Haecksler is a lot faster and simpler …… also the maintenance is very time-saving and easy … ..I can hardly say how much time and money I have saved in the last two years just by using this little wood chipper ……I wouldn’t doubt advising collegues positively about a purchase … ..It just is so convenient and effortless to handle … ..Thank you again for the trust and flawless delivery … ..Greetings from Germany … .by Bernd

B. Wagner – Hessen / Germany

Contact was good, delivery absolutely perfect. Top packaging.
Start up totally simple: Fill her up and go.
Surprised, what it chips and at what speed! , 7cm it swallows easily.
A negative I have, which is filling up the gas, that is somewhat tricky

Jochen Vey
Garden – Veh Baumpflege
Bavaria / Germany

An INVESTMENT that absolutely delivers. One can work at any place
Very economical engine. Knife mounting easy going, fast.
Due to the limited ground clearance it needs a bit of practice.
No wrapping around the drum of soft wood or clogging which often happens with other compact wood chippers
Top price-performance ratio

W. Wuttke DRW
Nordrhein Westfalen / Germany

Dear Mr. Van der Werff
I would like to thank you for your outstanding service.
The equipment arrived well packaged in Switzerland.
We used the shredder this week on a large job and I am totally thrilled.
It’s amazing how fast the machine works. It saves me a lot of time and I don’t have to take any more long trips to the landfill.
Best regards,
Daniel Appenzeller – natürliche Gärten – Switzerland

I had seen the shredder during the Deutsche Baumplegetage (German Tree Care Conference) in Augsburg. They demonstrated the machine on thuja. I had some beech tree branches with me to try it out.

For the past year, I have been repeatedly pleased with this machine. We often work in teams of two or three. Previously, my trailer often ran out of space for the clippings. Particularly in the evening, the “trailer was rearranged” with the large chainsaw. This is exhausting, dangerous and demanding. This is no longer needed and I am happy about it. It’s a large plus for me.
It happens more and more that we do no longer have to unload the trailer in the evening; there is sufficient space for the next day. This, too, makes us happy every time.
This is a special plus at places where branches either fall directly behind the house or far away from the trailer or where they would have to be carried through garage doors or the apartment: the machine fits nearly through everywhere. We shred into the container, roll the clippings to the trailer. This saves carrying branches back and forth. We do not create much dirt during these trips and therefore, we do not have to clean it up later. Sometimes, the shredded clippings can remain on site. The machine often remains on the trailer and we shred there. It is often easy to feed it from the ground. In the meantime, loading and unloading is routine. Of course, it takes a few minutes. At 180kg, the machine must be properly tied down. When I work alone, I use a (good) quadruple hoist with an old climbing rope. If we work in a team of two, it takes a bit of energy; if we work in a team of three, it is easy and you no longer need the hoist. Branches that are grown evenly and straight are taken up by the shredder easily. Sometimes, you can just throw them in the machine. Hornbeam, hazel, thuja, birch, sycamore maple, and linden tree work particularly well. If the leaves are very large and wet (soaking wet summer lime), then the shredder did clog a few times, which was immediately rectified and it did not really pose a big problem. Otherwise, everything is ejected wonderfully. There are no residues in the ejection area. It is easy to load the trailer evenly.
Gnarled growth makes feeding sometimes a bit cumbersome. Oak, apple and some bushes must be brought into correct position beforehand. Otherwise, it’s tiresome to stuff the hopper. Of course, here you notice that there is no roller, which pulls the brush into the machine. However, I do not think that this is a negative aspect. It’s just the way it is designed. I find it is very successful.

Haecksler provides good instructions. It takes only 20 minutes to change or replace blades. The entire design and construction are well thought through and very robust. Caution should be exercised when shredding the job’s last branches: of course, the blades do not forgive tiny stones and gravel from the yard or the street.
The bottom line: we produce 300 to 400 cubic meters of clippings before shredding. I drive a VW bus with a trailer. For this setup, the shredder is for me a great support and help. I can easily shred 20 cubic meters of branches; it takes its time but it took its time before. Of course, it makes no sense to compare it with a large shredder. The small dimensions and easy handling save me regularly time. The machine always makes a professional appearance at customers. The reduced volume of clippings will amortize the machine in two or three years. I cannot sell the clippings (the volume is too low) and I do not consider the time savings, which I have here and there. The company support is friendly and good.
I am happy that I have the machine and I would buy it anytime again.

Frank Frater,
Fachagrarwirt Baumpflege – Munich – Germany

I’ve had my Haecksler for two years now and since then I have been working with it multiple days a week. I’ve worked with this machine in previously at another job I had. I chose a Haecksler because it always works well in the most difficult situations and also because it chipped very fast. The rotating discharge is ideal for me in tree care because if I turn the pipe inwards, I can put the machine crosswise in the van and in so doing, I reserve a lot of space for other materials.

What is also notable about the Haecksler is that it is well balanced and easy to manoeuvre. When you move it you don’t feel like you have to lift the machine.
The fact it can handle a thickness of 9 cm is less important to me because I saw off the hardwood at about 7 centimetres. Then I resell it, because in my area, interested parties even buy non-chopped wood and I prefer to have it picked up straight from the job. That avoids me having to do any heavy lifting and it gives me extra income. All in all, I think this one will continue to be my only chipper. A more expensive and larger machine is difficult to carry around because I already have a trailer behind the van.
Oh, another thing: the floor of my van is quite high and with my short ramps, it is a bit heavy to push it in at the end of the day. I solved this with an electric winch, but with slightly longer ramps it also works well without the winch.
Boaz Tree Care – Badhoevedorp – the Netherlands

My name is Guus Thijssen, owner of Timber Thijssen Ttree Ccare and proud owner of a Haecksler. Although there are many slogans, there is one that fits the Haecksler perfectly, namely: “The Haecksler does exactly what Joost promised!”
It really is a fantastic machine that can be pulled easily into a trailer; it chips branches quickly and is economical in fuel consumption. With the variable ejector mouth, you can get all the fine shreds in the desired location, from garden to container into a wheelbarrow with no trouble.
In addition to these good features, the price is also very competitive. This machine is definitely comparable to a Jo-beau but it is considerably cheaper without any compromise in quality. You can see the Haecksler and us in action via @timberthijssen or Guus Thijssen – Dalen – the Netherlands